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Virtual Shadow
28th-Jun-2015 05:19 pm
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TITLE: Just a Game
SERIES: Beyblade
TYPE: Multi-chapters
PAIRINGS (Hetero/Yaoi/Yuri): KaixRei main...many others
PROGRESS: 3.23.08 Chap 7: 5 percent
SUMMARY THUS FAR: As the title suggests, it's just rounds full of games among the 20 bladers..Let's get together and maybe some matchmaking will be done and crushes revealed! Third game: Nervous
NOTE: Racking brain for the outcome~~

TITLE: Speak
SERIES: Naruto
>TYPE: Multi-chapters
PAIRINGS (Hetero/Yaoi/Yuri): SasuNaru
PROGRESS: 3.23.07 Chap 5: 1 percent
SUMMARY THUS FAR: Loud, boisterous Naruto suddenly fall silent upon entering 9th grade. What caused it? Why won't he speak? He doesn't want to remember. Sometimes it's safe to be inside your head.
NOTE: Need to refresh memory of the events in the actual book. ^^

SERIES: Weiss Kreuz
TYPE: Multi-chapters
PAIRINGS (Hetero/Yaoi/Yuri): YohjixKen, SchuxOmi, RanxKen and YohjixOmi
PROGRESS: 3.23.08. Chap 9: 13 percent
SUMMARY THUS FAR: Omi and Ken live with an abusive father and a submissive mother. What good could come out of it if Prince Ice and King Playboy found out? Right after Yohji stops hitting on Ken and Schuldig on Omi, that is!
NOTE: A little stuck after the 'intro' of the chapter. TT.TT
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