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21st-Dec-2012 08:19 am - oh, dear.
it's been quite sometime since i last entered anything. lately, i've been itching to write something, and skimming through my early fanfics, i greatly cringe. tenses and grammars are all over the place and it makes me wonder why no one mentioned it. and why it even have any reviews at all, for that matter.

regardless, i've taken on the task of revising my works and hopefully something will spark, and memories of plot bunnies will return. i'm greatly disappointed that i still can't find my notes for most of my favorite works. oh well. some fanfics may take a new directions since i don't recall where i wanted to go with it originally.

at any rates, if you are still following me, thank you. i'm a very neglectful and whimsical writer.

7th-Feb-2009 08:02 pm - 02.07.09
ZOMG. WOW. So much for updates. DAMN.

Anyways, I guess I'm not entirely dependable on being true to my words about updates. --goes to bash head against concrete--

Yeah. Finally found creativity. Now I just need to redirect that towards fanfiction...

GILLIE!! And the people in the shadows!! ZOMG, I feel so sorry for leading you guys on. TTATT --kowtows--

OKAY! Off I go to type! OSSU!!
22nd-Dec-2008 09:43 pm - 12.22.08

Just thought I'd kindly let people know that I'm working on the next chapter of Speak. I'm trekkin' on, so have no fear! Hopefully it will be out before the new year! And if given the chance ( more like finding my notes ), there might be a possibly new chapter for Fearful.

I might be asking of myself for much, but there may the chance of a one-shot in the Naruto Universe. And FYI, I haven't been seriously following the anime or manga of Naruto, so do please forgive me if I neglected to include anyone's preferred characters.


20th-Nov-2008 07:41 pm - holy shizz.
Well. Crap.

I'm currently in Training. And I have this nasty writer's block but I have this incredible urge to write! And, beside the fact that I rarely have access to the Internet much less the computer/laptop, I scribble bits and pieces in my notebook. So yeah.

I really wish to continue several fanfics and new ones are brewing in my head. Unfortunately, I don't have my notes for a few of the fanfics I wish to continue!

And so! Once I go home for Christmas, I plan to pack those materials and bring it back with me to Training. >D

I'm currently perusing a friend's laptop so I doubt I'll be able to type up those fanfics without her glancing over at the screen to chat. ._.;

Terribly sorry! I know many are Adding me under Fav Story or under Alert due to my extreme lack of updates...Not very promising, I know. ._.

But here I am, letting you all know the sort-of-current status that I'm in. :D?

I'm so slow. xD
23rd-Mar-2008 02:34 pm - 3.23.08

I can't FIND the notes I made a while back for SPEAK , FEARFUL  & JUST A GAME.


TTATT I hate it when I make notes in my various fanfiction notebooks. DX

JUST when I have time on the PC, I'm missing the damn NOTES.

Though, when I checked my email today, I was surprised that I received a lot of Alerts and Favs for SPEAK. o_O

I didn't go to the Convention AT ALL. I went to the Concert. AWESOME.

I'll have to personally blog about that later under my personal use blog. :3
3rd-Mar-2008 03:52 pm - 3.3.08
DAMMIT. My laptop is dying on me. TTATT

Crappppp. I was working on some ficcies toos. ><;; And playing Pokemon Emerald & Fire Red on the laptop toos. But that's beside the point.

Hopefully, my sister is kind enough to allow me access to the computer on her and my leisure time.

That is, if either of us are available to such thing. --le sigh--

Senior Year is rounding to a close. Everyone is cramming to get things done and be done with High School.



Is anyone attending the March 21 Taste of Chaos Tour featuring D'espairs Ray in Lowell at the Tsongas? I think I'm attending, depending on who's coming. TTATT
19th-Jan-2008 02:37 pm - oops.


Unfortunately, I'm no where near half way done with Fearful. TTATT I wanted to at least update it prior to the new year. >.> I'm so pathetic, lazy & oh-so easily distracted. ._.

But since I started watching Wolf's Rain again, I'm urged to update that particular fanfiction, too. Oh the horror!

However, I KNOW how I want each of my fanfictions to end; but like practically every writers out there, the problem is HOW  to achieve that particular ending. Sometime it doesn't even work that way at all. 

Thus, I shall try my best to finish up the next chapter of Fearful by the end of this month, or within the first week of February. And hopefully get a headstart on the Untitled ( which I hope WILL be titled ) of Wolf's Rain.

Thanks to those who stuck with me ( especially thelastunicorn on Fearful!! )

11th-Nov-2007 05:35 pm - another update?! FTW?!
I'm slowly but surely coasting along in WK's Fearful AND developing a plot for a new GW fanfic. Slowly but surely, my dear readers! ^.^
11th-Nov-2007 11:49 am - update:11.11.07 // random shizz
holy schmuck! i just finished typing Speak, sent it to my beloved beta and she finished it within 30 minutes!


Anywhoo, go catch the latest installment HERE.

three things.

boy vs. girl.
11th-Nov-2007 11:27 am - random shiz part 2
boys vs. girlCollapse )
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