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Virtual Shadow
22nd-Jun-2015 03:34 pm
The following works are scrapped--as in discontinued, stopped, forgotten. If I ever feel like taking up the task to re-do it, then I'll make note of it. There is no link provided. However, if you wish to read it, or take it up and continue it, by all means Comment/PM/e-mail/IM me. The only thing I ask if you'd like to continue any of my works is that you credit the idea to me.

TITLE: Gundaflowne
SERIES: Gundam Wing X-over Escaflowne
PAIRINGS: 1x2, 3x4, VanHito
SUMMARY OF STORY: The Gundam Pilots get transported to the mystical world of Gaea with their Gundams. There, the legendary Escaflowne shall once be revived again. This time, not only Gaea will be destroyed but Earth as well if the Gundam Pilots and Van and his gang won't cooperate with one another. A new evil has arisen in Gaea, and their name, Premonition Slayers. More powerful than Zaibach's Dragon Slayer, these Slayers have the same ability to predict the future and see through invisibility just like Hitomi Kanzaki. But, their Guymelefs far passes Escaflowne. This is where the Gundam Boys step in. More problems arise when the Gundam Pilots, Van and his gang, the Premonition Slayers, all can travel both worlds as they please. The pilots already have a waging war back in the Colonies, and now this, another war on a different planet to be brought into by Fate? Van Fanel had finally finished rebuilding the Kingdom of Fanelia, and now it's the central headquarters? Gundams alone can not defeat the Premonition Slayer nor can Escaflowne. What are they to do when both worlds are on the line?
NOTE: Ask me the details.
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